We are Kids With Sticks, a small Indie and humble game developer located in Wrocław, Poland.

We like bold and imaginative ideas, we value passion and creative freedom. Combined of people who used to work on AAA titles like The Witcher, Dying Light and some others, our goal is to make high quality games on a bit smaller scale. While doing that, we like to have fun and share it with community, cause we firmly believe that sharing is caring!

While we work on our games, feel free to join our community to give us feedback! 


Latest blog posts

Here you can find latest blog posts. 

The Kids have grown up

Dear Gamers Community, Do you recall those days when we were simply Kids With Sticks, exploring boundless fields of imagination? As time dances forward, children grow, and so do dreams.[…]

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Rogue Spirit released!

Our first game – Rogue Spirit – is available on Steam, Epic Store, PS5, and XSX!

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Rogue Spirit graphics summary

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Stańczak and I would like to present to you a summary of the graphics in our project Rogue Spirit. I’ve been working in game[…]

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