Game Jams

As a group we are supporting game jams idea. We try to join in as often as possible and try our best! We think it’s a great way to try our skills as single developers as well as a team. Game jams help to develop ceratin skills like dealing with time pressure, decisiveness, ideas generation and team work. These are some of the many reasons we love the general idea of jamming together and because of that we want to share some of the projects we worked on as a team and some we had the plesure to be part of as individuals.

Game jams that Kids were involved in:

First person melee slasher.

Dev Coffe Boy

Build download.

Time manager.

Pomela Cat Royale

Build download.

Theme was “This escalated quickly. ”

Jams that we had some part in as individuals:

Spring Comes Armed

Build download.

First person shooter.
Story of a relationship between a boy and his tree.
Arcade game. Inspired by Pacman.
Arcade taxi driver simulator.

Meat My Balls

Build download.

Top down arcade shooter.