Philosophy and Values


After years of creating games we realised that health (mental and physical) is most important thing these days if you want to be successful game developer.

We are aiming for creating original and polished games which can be made by small and agile teams. Just like ours!


Creative Freedom

We are curious of the world around us. Just like kids. It’s easy to find a solution but it’s hard to find the right one in long run. We are aware and firmly believe that freedom is driving force of innovation in games. We love to imagine, create and play games with our own rules.

Self-Development & Determination

We are developing our skills daily. If you want to be good developer these days you need to spend a lot of time learning new stuff. We encourange you to do so! Getting new toys is awesome, but sometimes its takes time to learn how to play with them. We are determined to have even more toys to play with. Kids are tireless!


We trully love creating games and we are aware that sometimes you need to step out or have enough initiative to step in. Games we are creating are born from passion, it fuels us and our plans. We juggle ideas and try stuff out, we are not affraid to try different things. But we want to know it comes from the heart and it’s made with passion like kid can have while playing with beloved toy!


You can’t create game by yourself. We mean, you can. But playing together is more fun and much more effective! We are constantly learning how to work together with better efficency and we are not affraid of hard topics. We often step out of our comfort zone to be an asset for the team and help each other out. We need to work as a team, like a well-oiled machine! But we are always ready for unexpected challenge.


We trust each other. We are taking time to learn what someone has created and what kind of idea he had. We don’t blame for bad decisions. We want to know other kids point of view. If we don’t agree, we work it out together. With respect.

Sharing knowledge

As we wonder about the world around us and the environement we play in, we have some thoughts about them. And right to speak freely about our observations is what we value deeply. We strongly believe that sharing is caring. That’s why we love to constantly share our game development knowledge with the world. Need help? We would be more than happy to help you out!